Gregory Avery

Obituary of Gregory Avery

Gregory Winfield Avery was born on July 8, 1954, in Cranston, Rhode Island. He passed away at his Largo home on January 20, 2024, and that’s as traditional as this necrology gets for this non-traditional man.   

Greg’s story isn’t about the ordinary details of his history, how he overcame gambling and alcohol, or the particulars about his early life. It’s not about who he left behind, who held his heart, or what kind of ice cream he liked. It’s about his vibrant spirit that embodied that indelible mark he left on everyone he met. He was a force to be reckoned with, painting every moment with his resilience, humor, and unshakeable Avery pride.    

Greg was a champion of spiritedness. He was our relentless advocate, encouraging us to persevere, chase our dreams, eat that cake, or take that trip. He reminded us to choose our fights wisely and to fight them with courage when we did, sprinkling in some advice on boxing techniques when words fell short. He kept his connection to a child-like sense of humor that reminded us to embrace the warmth and simplicity of life. He carried in him an unspeakable vow of confidentiality, a testament to his unbreakable strength and integrity.   

A lifelong entrepreneur and friend to every dog he met, Greg devoted much of his time nurturing and caring for those around him. He cared deeply about helping animals in need, frequently adopting and donating dogs to be trained as service support animals. 

For his last hurrah, his entrepreneurship empowered underprivileged kids and teens with a donation of more than $50,000 in clubs to The First Tee in St. Pete.  

 His life philosophy was as non-traditional as one could hope. He hid money outside of banks, brushed off most medical recommendations as snake oil, and took up serious mental real estate with ideas about how to live life better.   

Gregory Winfield Avery was a brother — or like one — to some, a son to two, and a beloved Uncle to many. His legacy will resonate through countless lives for years to come. We cannot and will not forget the contributions and profound impact he’s has had on our lives.  

As Greg embarks on this final Journey, our family will honor him by embracing a year and a day of reflection and recalibration.  We will use this time to adjust during holidays, birthdays, and life events in his absence. We will keep his memory alive.   

Hail the Traveler! We celebrate your journey.   

If you would like to honor his memory, we urge you to donate to your favorite animal shelter in his name.   

Until we meet again, we leave you with Greg’s favorite quote: “I spent half my money on gambling, alcohol and wild women. The other half I wasted.” ― WC Fields

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